Inside out

Antje Vowinckel

Inside Out –

Sound art project in three parts, situated in the public space of Bucharest City. Duration: September, 14th ‚Äď 24th 2017

In three places (Strada Postei, Strada Franzesa and Strada Sepcari) sound will irritate the passengers in a way, that they change their perception of everyday surrounding. Sounds will speak about the inner architecture of space, be it sounds of the material, be it imaginary movements inside a building or the data streaming in a wifi-net that fills the air with invisible information.


Many places in Bucharest are marked by pop-music coming from commercial places like restaurants, warehouses. In contrast public parks seem to be places of private relaxation, but even there, in many areas pop-music from little kiosks can be heard.
The idea of Inside out is to evoke thoughts about public space, to play with possibilities of sound architecture and to encourage passengers to reconquer their public space in a conscious and active way.


Strada Postei/ rain gutters




In Strada Postei about fifteen rain gutters end about 10-20 cm above the earth. They remind of organ pipes, installed upside down, but they are mute. For a week the gutters will be provided with little speakers and mp3 players inside the pipes. You will hear dripping sounds that seem to come from water falling down in the gutters. They build a musical composition based on different timings and resonances.

Strada FranzesńÉ: interactive ruin




At the metal fence 6-8 interactive sensors will be installed. They react on people passing by close to the fence and play sounds that stem from the stones and other material on the ruin ground. (Even the fence itself sounds very interesting when recorded with contact mikes). Each sensor activates a different sound. People who are interested can go back and forth or use hands and foot playing their own ‚Äěcomposition‚Äú. Some sounds are plane, some are rhythmical, some are deep, some are high, some are long, some are short.

St Anton’s place: data tracking




For the length of the project a local wifi-net will be installed providing free access to everyone on the place. Some mobile phones will automatically log in, some persons will do manually. Two persons are surveying the place and control the wifi- net. They can follow the location of people and see their browser performance.

Under three benches little speakers are installed. They are connected with the voices of the two surveying persons. People sitting on the benches will involuntary listen to a dialogue of two persons discussing their browser performance and the possibilities of making money with their data.

The person on the bench is in a situation where he/she is spied on but also seems to be able to spy on others.