Fehlerwiesen/First Chance. Multi-Media-Performance

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Multimedia-Performance with silent movie fragments,  video, diary notes, sound poetry, and  live-performance for voice, vibrating loudspeakers and soprano saxophone

In 1922, three arrows of time collide in an English meadow: the years of research by British amateur ornithologist Edgar Chance, the development of silent film, and the evolution of the cuckoo.

In Chance’s meticulous diary entries, science subliminally develops an absurd choreography.  The reader  can see him and his helpers moving back and forth between the nests as if on a stage.  And of all things, they find the thruth about the cuckoo by stealing eggs and manipulating their nests.

And there is another timeline that matters: The cockoo is now often coming late because his fosteres are breading earlier, due to clima change. But the cuckoo starts his flight from Africa to Europe according to daylight duration.