July, 26th - September, 19th, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Marienstraße 5, 99423 Weimar

Radiophonic Spaces with “Call me yesterday”


Radiophonic Spaces

A sonic journey through the history of Radio Art

The “Radiophonic Spaces” exhibition brings the fleeting world of radio art into the museum space, linking two worlds with more in common than it may seem at first. Visual artists, along with writers, composers, and performing artists, have always explored the diverse possibilities the medium of radio offers. Under the auspices of the Chair of Experimental Radio at Bauhaus-University Weimar, “Radiophonic Spaces” combines an artistic examination of radio art and radiophony with an academic research project. This creative collaboration unfolds in an immersive exhibit presenting some 200 treasures of international radio art. It is a juxtaposition of historic and contemporary artistic positions: from Antonin Artaud, John Cage and László Moholy-Nagy to Michaela Mélian, Milo Rau and Natascha Sadr Haghighian.
Through their movements in the physical space, visitors trigger individual pieces of radio art experienced via headphones. In the exhibition space, designed by artist, architect and musician Cevdet Erek and implemented by MESO Digital Interiors, visitors acoustically immerse themselves in this art form. The sonic pieces are arranged into thirteen layers with titles such as “Record Stories” or “Radio Silence.” Afterward, visitors can replay and research the acoustic experiences in an extensive digital audio-visual reference work dedicated to the historic development of radio art.