Melody minus one. A hunt

2016 | ars acustica,

Dialect voices: German from Rhineland (Rhénanie), Nornisk from Hardangerford (Norway), Lacza from the Black Sea cost (Turkey) , Albanes from Sicily, Mirandes from Portugal, English from the Appalachian Mountains in the USA.

Imitating voices: Antje Vowinckel, Marc Sabat, Chico Mello, Fernanda Farah, Serge Baghdassarians

WDR Studio Akustische Kunst

supported by: Film- und Medienstiftung NRW

Kunstnarhuset Messen/Norway

Smithsonian Institute Washington

Binauralmedia, Portugal

Kurt Andres und die Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft Belgien.

Since many years the popular series Music minus one offers musicians the possibility to rehearse with play along vinyls and cds. Numerous recordings of classic music or jazz are edited without the main voice. This allows the musicians to exercise at home with a professional ensemble.

Analogous to this series I have started to practise dialect melodies. I heard the original recording on headphones and approached step-by-step humming the melodies.

Other than in the usual procedure, errors or imprecise versions are not being dropped. They are – together with the humming practising of other musicians –treated as material of a composition.

Most of the dialects are recorded by myself in remote areas of Europe or the United States, because there you can find the most sing-songiest accents. But it is not so easy to preserve the rich diversity of melodies. The piece also deals – in intermediate texts – with the difficulties of recording and the possibilities to depict them with audio software.

Poetic reflections on the process of recording are part of the composition.

In the end of the piece another metaphor for the dialect practising is indicated: they occur as a backstage sound of YOUTUBE, where many young people are now following Amy Walker, the Queen of accents.