Real ist der Verdacht

2016 | performance,

For TruckTracksRuhr the media art and theater group Rimini-Protokoll commissioned 49 artists to compose audio tracks for different places in seven cities of the Ruhr area.

The audience was sitting in a special truck equipped with good speakers and with a huge glass window, driving around over highways and in the cities. At certain places the truck made a stop and the audience could listen to a 5-minute audio track inside the truck especially produced for this place.

My piece, “Real ist der  Verdacht” is a piece in modules for the entrance of a super market named real. The entrance was situated in a parking garage. Two escalators connected the garage with the supermarket. In advance I had recorded little scenic fragments with actors. These files were played according to the clients passing by. i.e. someone using a mobile phone, someone with kids, someone with a bag pack. The audio file gave the impression that you were listening to a conspiratorial team of three persons hidden in the place. It was left up to the imagination of   the audience, if they were a TV team or a group of terrorists.