2017 | compsosition,

Stimme: Margarete Huber, Daniel Gloger, Oliver Urbanski
Viola: Josa Gerhard
Violoncello: Cosima Gerhardt
Klarinette: Miguel Pérez Iñesta
Tuba: Robin Hayward
Perkussion: Matthias Engler
Konzept: Christine Mellich und Marcus Gammel
Assistenz: Johann Mittmann
Ton: Martin Eichberg
Produktion: Konzerthaus Berlin/Deutschlandfunk Kultur 2018
Länge: 47’55

Konzerthaus Berlin and Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Someone draws a head. The paper is folded, forwarded. The next person roughs out the torso. Kink. Legs.  A  figure arises. This playful method, coming from surrealism, is called „cadavre exquis“.
2017 it was transfered to the concert series „Open your Ears“ as a composition principle for music and libretto. The complete resulting melodram could only be heard on the day of the premiere, even the composers and writers heard it – like the audience- at this moment for the first time.